Access to information can transform lives, livelihoods, and spiritual wellbeing. This is particularly true in places where access to information has been hindered by economic, geographic, or social barriers. Today, the rapidly growing reach of cell phone and other modern communications technologies holds tremendous potential to overcome some of these barriers.

United Methodist CommunicationsĀ strengthens and amplifies the work of the people of The United Methodist Church. We do so by sharing their stories and supporting transformative communications — activities that leverage modern communications technologies to empower individuals and communities, and enable the human spirit to flourish.

This blog will host a series of interviews with recognized leaders in the field of ICT4D, or Information and Communications Technology for Development. It is designed to facilitate a conversation about good practice in the use of modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) for development work.

The series will touch on key topics like user-centered program design, appropriate hardware, and tools that enable conversations with communities through text message, email, social network, and web platforms. We hope you find these ideas and methods valuable in your work, and welcome you to join the conversation.

Rev. Neelley Hicks
Director of ICT4D Church Initiatives
United Methodist Communications


2 thoughts on “welcome

    • That’s a big question, and the reason why these interviews were conducted! Here’s a couple of simple answers: A good practice in ICT work is one that values what the communication objectives are of the people who will be most impacted by them. It’s not putting technology ahead of people, which so often happens. It’s also considering what the appropriate tech solution is for the area where the need is based, rather than basing them on assumptions. We’ve got a conference coming up September 3-5 that is focused on this discussion. Here’s more info: http://www.umcom.org/gamechangers. I hope this helps!

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